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Monday, November 30th 2009, 6:23am

Best battle yet, by far

Attacker :
Sons of Dracula


Defender :
The Shrike cult

Time : 30.11.2009 06:00 o'clock

Winner : Sons of Dracula
Battle Details
Sons of Dracula *** The Shrike cult
22 Combatants 29
12.05 Average Level 12.72
113 Solo Fights 113
69 Fights Won 44
0 Fights Drawn 0
1 Survivors 0

Battle Heroes
Cylon 12 Most enemies forced into submission Wile_E_Coyote 3
Cylon 23 Victories Most Victories BENCH401 4 Victories
Cylon 12219 HP Most Hit Points JohnOe 2836 HP
bobbi 8 EPs The most experience DeathDragon 5 EPs

Basically, this came down to the two Big C's against 1 16, 3 15s, and 4 14s. There was only one survivor, and he was more than half dead. That's a hell of a battle, and one or two more 14s or 15s would probably have made the difference.
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Thursday, December 3rd 2009, 3:25am

And we promise to bring more fights like this one. Thank you for the appreciation.