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Wednesday, June 2nd 2010, 2:36pm

W1 level 38 account - free to good home.

Free account available to good home.

* High level for world.
* Excellent stats for level.
* 100's of potions in stock.
* Plenty of diamonds, artifacts & mm's on char.
* Several months of prem status left.
* spare ticket for name change

pm me in-game.


I do request you change the char name in game. pls also provide email addy so I can update that in profile.


Friday, June 25th 2010, 1:08pm

This account, now level 40 (nearly 41) is still available to anyone who wants it for free.

Plenty of prem and diamonds which i would hate to see go to waste.


Saturday, June 26th 2010, 11:38am

This account has now been given away and is under new management.