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Wednesday, December 15th 2010, 6:41pm

Change update

What happens with these updates ?
Why or made so many changes and why ?
If you're going to let your greed of these changes so I can guarantee you that some morons, idiots and greedy, and many will leave the game.
Do not you think the people behind these accounts are idiots that will sorely mistaken, you are idiots if you think you're smarter than the rest, my view is that some are just plain folks who have some orders on hand and so nothing more, where you can change some things, but these things five years and some kids can do, that does not mean you are some capabilities.
I personally want to believe that these major changes are just some mistakes that will fix and not something done intentionally, because if this change was intentional, then logic tells me so :
1.or you think people are morons and do not see why you made these changes.
2.or you are going to decrease the number of users wanted.
Waiting for some answers and the rest of us to know the reason of these changes.