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Monday, June 13th 2011, 1:26am

An old merc returns....

There aren't too many people left that remember me, or how I played.
It has been well over a year since I have been here.

Many things have changed, some for the better, most.... for the worse.
So I can see and understand, why so many have decided to move on.

I write this, in part as a "eulogy" and part as a telling of when the game was worth playing.

To No1, my favorite black market dealer.
If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been able to own a level 20 drone, with level 20 upgrades, weapon and shield all on the very day I dinged 10.
(I was the first player whose first drone was level 20. Though disputed, I was the first player to own a level 20 drone without being level 20 or above)
With the aid of the market, No1 kept me well stocked with high level armor and weapons, allowing me to be a player that others almost 10 levels above me were afraid to attack.

To Falcotron, for being well...falco.
Creating The Corp and turning it into a true Superpower that the other clans united (or at least tried) to bring it down.
A wizard at Battle Strategy, he knew where to place his "minions" as we advanced on all of the Corp mines at once.
He cultivated information on the game and its players with zeal while making the game interesting.

To Brew, the "wild eyed" mega tixxer.
Brewskie proved to me that being a mega tixxer wasn't a bad thing. Being the comedic relief we needed during the times when we took the game way too seriously, and for being a merc at heart.

To LMNTL, for being my own "arch enemy" while trading defense reports on a daily basis. It seemed the winner was always the one that attacked first, even when he was several levels above me. I miss logging into the game and finding delight that our stats were almost equal.

To Majorbarrymore for developing an exquisite cow database that I still have yet to see in any other game. For teaching me what to look for in potential herds, and for still being in LM.

To Helb for having a ...unique sense of humor.

To Ackmed for being ...the terrorist.

To Myst for being a leader when we needed it. Even if she was just our adjutant.
Mystified was the heart of The Legion, aiding PK in battle strategies.

To PK (before the...erm, gender reassignment), for taking a chance on a clanless cow hunter.
Prince Kheldar may have had his faults, but he led the clan with strength and dignity.

And to all those that have left yet whose hearts were in the game as much as mine. We fought together, laughed and chided each other in the SB, and enjoyed this game when it was once....great.

Am I back in the game?
Somewhat. Definitely not as much as I was before...but considering I have several tickets still sitting on my account, I will be around.

I just wanted to boast about how proud I am to have been here in the beginning, when the game was still alive!