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Tuesday, December 6th 2011, 5:22am

Crucial questions

1. Does the stats: Speed increase your damage per hit?
2. What is the rough formula for resilience in decreasing damage?
3. How does stamina helps?

Thanks in advance.


Tuesday, December 6th 2011, 2:34pm

This is how your stats work (per the game instructions):

Agility (Drone: mobility): The higher your agility, the more effectively you can dodge enemy attacks. It also increases your chances of being a round's attacker.

Precision (Drone: precision): Precision increases your chance of landing a hit and striking a critical hit.

Speed (Drone: speed): Higher speed increases your chance of performing an action and increases the damage you inflict.

Resilience (Drone: robustness): The higher this skill, the less damage you suffer from hits and the lower your enemy's chances of landing a critical hit are.

Stamina (Drone: stability): Stamina works against the effects of fatigue and injury in battle.

The combat script is a highly kept DEV secret, however in one of the combat script updates they did inform us:
Agility beats Precision, Precision beats Speed, Speed beats Resilience, Resilience beats Stamina, and Stamina beats Agility.
See this update thread.

The equipment you deploy vs the equipment your opponent deploys, is a large factor into the amount of hit points you deliver.


Tuesday, December 6th 2011, 4:43pm

So, agility also helps in offense? And also, does low LP affect stats? and stamina decrease the effects? Sorry to ask so many questions, I am just trying to make sense of the stats.


Wednesday, December 7th 2011, 2:31am

Yes Agility will helps offense because it will determine if you get in the first hit in the round.

Stamina works to keep you a fight longer, basically giving you more opportunities to hit.

Think of a boxing match...a boxer's agility allows him to move quickly, out of the way of a punch and stamina allows him to stay in the ring for all the rounds.

Your LP is very important, as it decreases, it reduces your effectiveness for optimizing the maximum number of hits and strength of hit, along with decreasing the length of time you can remain in a fight.


Wednesday, December 7th 2011, 3:57am

Alright, thanks a lot for the information.