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19.04.2012, 11:23

Shoutbox Rules regarding Sale of Accounts

Hello there!

I have been asked to clarify the rules regarding sale of accounts (for which we do not offer support, as you all know) and where players are allowed to advertise this.

There are certain places you can advertise your account.

- Advertising your account as for sale in the forum is allowed.
- Writing 'Account for Sale' in your Profile is also allowed.

However, this is where is gets tricky:

As per the Shoutbox rules in the forum and in-game, "direct or indirect advertising of accounts is not allowed". Players are not allowed to advertise directly, for example, to write in the Shoutbox:


- 'Hey guys! My Account is for Sale! Check it out!'
Similarly, players are not permitted to advertise indirectly, for example:


- 'Changes to your character description have been saved'
- '*Points to profile*'
- 'Offer Profile Offer'
Obviously, if all you're selling is a weapon or a helmet, or you've just written a nice poem, this is fine. But if your account is advertised as for sale in your profile and you point to it, the mods will ask you not to.

Any questions about this can be posted in this thread and will be answered forthwith by myself or one of my colleagues.

Good Morning,

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