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25.11.2013, 21:13

Ausrüstung weniger häufig veröffentlicht

I do not understand on the basis of what kind of logic you have decided to reduce the frequency of release of new equipment starting from level 80 or so ...

On the contrary: you would have to increase it! because the more the character grow, the more you level up more slowly!

for example: go from level 10 to level 20 requires a relatively short time (in this case you can also tolerate the fact that there is a new object every 10 levels ) ... but go from lev. 90 to 100 is a whole different ballgame ! (it takes a lot longer ... and you, instead of increasing the frequency of release of new equip, you have reduced it!).

ie: in short you have done quite the opposite !!!

at low levels, you have put a lot of weapons (so many that one is spoiled for choice and he does not even have time to use them fully that at the store already appear a new equipment!)...
however, now that you level up very slowly and need to change the equipments quite often (because 10 repairs are not longer enough to pass even just 3 levels!) you have decided to drastically reduced the number of equip released! (even just 1 single item every 10 levels!)

equipments have reached the same frequency as a droid! (a new one every 10 levels!)

this is absurd!
if it continues in this way, the players will end up to buy 3 or 4 times always the same equipment ... before it can be replaced with a new one!


28.11.2013, 16:07

Red Terror,

  1. Wenn Du schon in den deutschsprachigen Teil des Forums postest, dann schreibe deinen Beitrag bitte auf deutsch...
  2. Wenn Du die Suchfunktion des Forums nutzen würdest, hättest Du festgestellt, dass wir GENAU diese Thematik bereits vor immerhin 2 Jahren hier diskutiert haben.


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