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15.12.2009, 12:31

Update on 15/12/2009


Today, we deployed an updated with the following changes:

- Smilies in messages: Some smilie combinations weren't recognised. All smilies should work now.
- Assembling artifacts: The button was not completely visible. This has been fixed.
- Clan Arena: When a Clan Leader accepted an Arena challenge and then pressed F5, they were entered twice in the Clan Arena. They then appeared both in the waiting list and the fighters list.
- Market - Drones: After selling a Drone in the market, its equipment was no longer visible in your Inventory. It only became visible when you bought another drone. This has been fixed.
- Market - Drone sale notification: Now the model number of the drone, such as "DD 10", not the name you gave your drone, is in the message.
- Battle report AI Battle: Until a winner is determined, the report will also not show a winner. Until now, it used to always show the Machines as the winners.
- Quick heal: If you had no medicine, you would receive a "Database error" message. This will no longer be the case.

That's it. Keep fighting the good fight!

Your AI War Team