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Thursday, August 27th 2009, 5:26pm

Beginners Guide

I. General
II. The First Steps into A.I War
III. More useful tips
IV. Abbreviations


  • A.I War is a browser game: To play A.I War, all you need is an internet connection and a browser (e.g Internet Explorer or Firefox). It is important that your Javascript and Cookies are activated.
  • You are a fighter on the planet Midor! Your goals are:
- Build up your Skills and improve your equipment.
-Fight side by side with your fellow players against A.I and their machines.
-Prove yourself to other players!

II. The First Steps into A.I War

Step 1 (Character – Properties)

Train your free Skill Points on the Properties page! With your Starting Credit Balance buy three Skill Points (not four!) The allocation of your skill points should be even. At a later stage you can invest and develop your Skills. If you have already used up all you Credits, don't worry, skip to step 3 and come come to step 2 at a later.

Step 2 (Attack)

Now have a look for some weak level one players to attack (Search Option – “Extact or lower”). Pick a player that was not as wise as you were and did not develop his skills! Once you found your victim, attack him. After this fight, you cannot be attacked by another player for 60 minutes. This is known as a Security Fight (SF). Thus ensuring that your hard earned Credits will not be snatched by another player.
Also, there are additional skills points for the fight and as the case may be, booty, that you can invest into your Skills. Before you move onto step 3, go to the Medical Center and regenerate your Life Points (LP) to 100%. The “Healing” Option is gratis up to level 3. After this, you will have to buy for your own medical bills!

Step 3 (Mission -Solo Mission)

Now you can to the Military Administration and get a mission from the Mission Commanders. Choose between the difficulty levels of Easy, Normal or Hard and click on “Start Mission”. It is quite normal that you need a few attempts at a mission before you successfully complete it, especially with the hard missions. Also you mighn't even attack the right opponent. Nevertheless don't give up to easily. Always give it your best shot with >90% LP. Some players don't go without at least 98% LP! Don't forget to heal up your character before you go on your next mission. Whilst waiting for the mission's success, it is highly recommended to read this entry again and it might help you out a little!

Easy Missions and Normal Missions: These are good options if you want to earn lots of Credits.
Hard Missions: These are good when you want to earn Experience Points, Mystique Marks, Glory Points, Diamond Artifacts or items.

Step 4:

Repeat Step 2. (Do another Security Fight and heal up again.)After every successful Mission you can work on improving your equipment bit by bit. A small tip for you is to check if there are any cheaper items on the Market. However it is always important to invest your Credits on some Skill Points. After you have completed some Security Fights and you have used up all your Mission and Action Points for the day, you should be up to level 3. You should have a better weapon and some protective equipment to call your own and some Skill Points.

Step 5:

When the time comes to log out, make sure that your Credits are safe. Do not log out with a lot of Credits on you. If you do not have enough Credits to buy a Skill Point, you should head to the Medical Center and buy some medicines. You'll need these for level 4! But Medicines can have another function: you can save them up. Players cannot rob medicines from you, only Credits. This means if you are saving up for an expensive weapon or stylish apartment then stock up on your Medicines and you can sell these at a later stage.

Before you announce your “Tasty Medicine in the Market” on the ShoutBox (SB), you should protect yourself with a Secuity Fight (SF). You don't want your fellow players to rob you of your Credits!

The day of your day, does not mean the end of your character's day! Before logging off send your character to the Job Center (Station – Jobcenter). When you log in the next day, your character will have already earned Credits.

III: Questions and Answers for Beginners

1. What is SF?

SF means Security Fight. After a SF, you have one hour protection from attacks by fellow players. You should only always be protected when you start a mission or any other actions that place your Credits in danger.

2. Where can I do Missions?

Under the heading Mission, you can find the Military Commanders. They will give you a mission.

3. How can I get diamonds (displayed as crystals)?

You can get diamonds by redeeming your purchased Premium Ticket. Besides from that you can get them every now and again as a reward for completing missions or as mercenary pay.

4. How can I join a Clan?

From level 6 onwards you can enter a Clan. You will find many recruiting Clan on the Forum. From about level 10 you should write to the Clan Commanders regarding your admission into the Clan.

5. How do I advance in level?

By fighting fellow players and machines, you will receive Experience Points (XP). When you have a ceratin number of XP, you will move up a level. For the extact figures, check under Character -> Properties on the yellow bar.

6. Why do I only see weapons and no equipment at the Shop?

Until Level 2 you can only weapons. Other equipment will come later.

7. What are Mystique Marks and what are they good for?

You can purchase Special Items or Rare Item with Mystique Marks.

8. Where can I get Artifacts and what are they good for?

With a bit of luck, you will get an Artifact after a successful mission. Artifacts give you Bonus Points on your Skills, a little like the Implants.

9. Can I get Credits?

In short, you can get Credits by working, doing missions, or attacking fellow players.
Work: (Duration: min. 1 hour; Wage: low at the start but builds up with your level. No LP attainable. Station -Job Center; you cannot do any other activity when working)
Mission: (Duration: 10 mins per Mission. Reward; Successful Mission: varying. Unsuccessful Mission: 0 Credits. Mission- Mission; you cannot do any other activity when on a mission)

10. Why can't I do any more Missions?

For Missions you have Mission Points (MP) and Action Points (AP) available. Every Mission costs 1 MP. Each attempt at its completion costs an Action Point (AP)

When all of these have been used, you will have to wait until the next day in order to do more Missions.

11. Where do I get Action and Mission Points?

You have 6 Action Points (Premium Players have 12 MP) per day. You have 3 AP (Premium Players have 12 AP) As this website is based in Germany, the game is set to German local time otherwise referred to as Server Time. Every day at 00:00 Server Time, you will get new AP and MP . Any points that were unused the previous day are lost. However you can always purchase AP or MP with diamonds.

12. How can I restock on my Life Points?

Medicines, bought on the Market or in the Medical Center . Often you will get medicine after completing a mission. To regenerate your LP go to Character -> Inventory. At the bottom, you will see your Medicines that you have. Click on "Take" under the medicine that you would like to take. Up to level 3 all players can regenerate for free. At level 4 you have to pay for your own medical bills!

IV. More useful tips

1. Choose the right Clan:

Membership of the right Clan will protect you against attacks from other players. Whichever Clan you decide on is ultimately a matter of taste. This is an opportunity to get to know other Clan Comrades and do team missions (from level 6). Your membership into a Clan will give you a substantial strategic advantage. Clans demand a certain level of commitment i.e daily activity and use of Action Points. Secondly, an essential dimension of the game, the seizure of Theramid mines and their defence in battle is only possible by the clans and their members.

2. Level Advancement

Another mistake that beginners can make, is advancing levels too fast!
A high level without sufficient skills is more of a disadvantage than an advantage! Up to and including level 6, you can be attacked only by players who are more than 3 levels above you. From level 7 you are fair game for everyone! Who has a high level and relatively few skills, is a popular destination for hunters of experience points. This means you are attacked not only by the fittest, that are looking for credits, but also by lower levels, who want to collect experience points.

3. ... And again in the end, because it is so important:

- If you want to write in the shoutbox, never forget to make a SF before, unless yourself at the risk of being attacked.
- If you are offline at night, secure your credits (skill points, or buy medicine) and send your character to work!
- Always fight with as many LP as possible!


SB - Shoutbox
CR - Credits
Dias - Diamonds
AP – Action Points
MP – Mission Points
TMP – Team Mission Points (Team Points)
CAAP – Clan Arena-Action Points
HP – Hit Points
EP – Experience Points
LP – Life Points / Life Energy
DEF – Defense
CC - Commander (Clan)
CA – Adjutant (Clan)
SF – Safety Fight
PM – Personal Message
GP – Glory Points
AC – Army Camp
TH – Tournament Hall
IF – Individual Fight
CVP – Clan Victory Points
V - Victories
D – Defeats