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18.01.2010, 16:36

Moderator Application Forum

Hello everyone,

Lately, we've been receiving several applications for moderator positions.

Please find below some criteria required to fulfil such a role:

- Knowing the rules and following them / Having respected the rules in the past (no warnings or punishments on your record)
- Being active in the game but also, and particularly, in the Shoutbox and Forum
- Being eloquent and not writing in sms language - good spelling and grammar skills are required
- Experience (of AI War, but also other GAS games or even non-GAS games and moderation experience can help)
- Team spirit
- Minimum age to become a moderator in the forum: 16
- Minimum age to become a moderator in the Shoutbox 18

What to include in your application?

Forum Name:
Player Name(s) / World:
Times available to Mod (Server Time):

Please also include a paragraph about yourself, in your real life.
Who are you?
What is your gaming experience?
What do you do when you are not playing AI-War?
Why would you be a good Mod?
How would you contribute to the AI War community?

Please send all applications to the following EMAIL address:

You will not hear from us immediately, so please don't panic! We receive many, many applications every day from enthusiastic players who want to be moderators.

We will contact you to let you know if we need additional details.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

AI War Team