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Thursday, August 27th 2009, 12:28pm

Forum Rules

Short Verison

Please treat each other with respect and watch your choice of words!
Insults, discriminatory remarks and other kinds of behaviour that discourage polite conversation will not be tolerated!
In short, be nice to others and they will be nice to you!

Introductory Remarks

The forums provided by GameArt Studio Berlin GmbH serve as a discussion board for the the company's browser based online games.

The following rules apply, without exception, to all methods of
communication within this forum. All threads, themes, contributions,
opinion polls, answers, avatar images, signatures, profile information,
private messages (PM) and emails are subject to these rules. The rules
must be followed by every participant.

Forum staff moderators and administrators review and organize the forums to ensure that every participant follows these rules.

§ 1 - General Rules of Conduct

1.1 Every participant in any discussion shall treat others with decency and respect.

1.2 Distribution of pornographic, radical or illegal content or
material is strictly forbidden. The same holds for all internet
references that link to pornographic, radical or illegal content.

1.3 Insults or provocations of any kind will result in a warning or being banned from the forum.

1.4 Propaganda directed at forum users or any other campaigns not
related to the game are not allowed. Exceptions to this rule include
pure RPG-Themes (role player games), which are set in scenes and played
inside the game itself. Art. 1.2 is to be observed.

1.5 Any insulting or slanderous reference to the affairs of other users is not allowed.

1.6 Unnecessary and meaningless contributions (spamming) will not be
tolerated. Players must also refrain from the intentional upkeep
(upping) of themes.

1.7 A certain amount of spamming is allowed in the Off-Topics area. If
the amount of spam should get out of hand (more than two threads,
powerspamming etc.), then these threads might be closed or deleted
without prior notice.

1.8 Disturbing other forum users by sending mass private messages (PM) is not allowed.

1.9 The reopening of closed discussion topics is not allowed. If a user
attempts to post on a closed topic, the message will be deleted.

1.10 If a player wishes to publish game-relevant data and include
information about another player (i.e. game name, statistics, etc. ),
consent of the implicated player must be given and documented in the
published contribution. If consent is undocumented in the contribution,
the publisher will censor the data.

1.11 Publishing logfiles, discussions and documents without the consent of the participants is not allowed.

1.12 Publishing referral programs, commercial advertisements, etc. and corresponding weblinks is not allowed.

1.13 We reserve the right to modify contributions that violate the
rules of the forum and/or the rules of the game. In the case of repeat
or serious offenses, Art. 2.1 holds.

1.14 Complaints regarding offensive contributions in the forum must be
brought to the attention of the forum staff via email or private
messaging (PM). Please add text, images or direct URLs as evidence of
the offensive contribution. Complaints posted in the forum will be
ignored and deleted.

1.15 Publicising or offering accounts in games not produced by GAS is prohibited. Persons breaking this rule will be banned from the forum.

§ 2 - Moderators and Administrators

2.1 The directions of the forum staff must be followed. Disregarding
the instructions will lead to a warning or deletion of the user's forum

2.2 Insulting staff members will immediately lead to deletion of the user's forum account.

2.3 Complaints regarding individual forum staff members or specific
decisions of a forum staff member must be sent directly via email or
private messaging (PM) to the relevant staff member or forum

§ 3 - Forum Accounts

3.1 There is no claim on a forum account.

3.2 During the registration process within this gaming website, a forum
account for each player is automatically generated. A player may not
manually register for the forum without a game account.

3.3 Administrative accounts are excluded from 3.2 and are not bound to an account in the game.

3.4 Players who renew registration after a forum account deletion or a
banishment from the forum has occurred will immediately receive a
deletion of both the new forum account and the game account!

3.5 The forum staff decide on the duration of temporary banishments.

§ 4 - Warnings

4.1 Warnings may be issued by any forum staff member.

4.2 In case of minor issues (eg spam), a warning will be given.

4.3 After two warnings, a forum banishment will be issued.

4.4 If a temporary banishment is lifted and the user again contradicts
the forum rules, the user's forum account will be deleted.

§ 5 - Avatars and Signatures

5.1 Avatars may have a maximum size of 100x100 pixel.

5.2 Images in a signature may have a maximum size of 468x80 pixel
(width x height) for 3 pictures or 1 picture with 468x240 pixel.
Banners that are placed near each other and disrupt the page will be

5.3 The maximum size of all graphics is limited to a total of 75
kilobytes. To keep the forum fast and readable, images should be

5.4 Signatures violating the forum rules or offending good taste will
be deleted. Text within a signature that disrupts the page will either
be edited by administrators or deleted entirely.

5.5 The use of signatures with text or images directed towards forum staff members or other forum members is not allowed.

§ 6 Private Data Protection

6.1 Under all circumstances and at all times, it is strictly forbidden
to publish private and/or personal information about any user in the
forum, such as: name, address, phone number, email address, password,
etc. Any violation of this principle will lead to deletion of the forum
account and may also lead to deletion of tbe user's game account.

6.2 Users who publish other users' private or personal information (in
the sense of art. 6.1) are fully and solely responsible for the damage
caused by their actions.

§ 7 - Other Remarks

7.1 The head administrator will decide upon all cases not covered by these rules .

7.2 If any part of the forum rules is held to be invalid or
unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in a manner consistent
with applicable law to reflect, as nearly as possible, the original
intentions of the parties, and the remaining portions shall remain in
full force and effect.

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