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04.03.2010, 17:26

How to: Buy Premium Tickets with a Bank Transfer

If you would like to purchase premium tickets by bank transfer, you simply transfer the money from your normal bank account to ours. This can be done quickly and easily from your online banking account, or from your local bank itself. Our account details are provided below in bold.

NB: You must include a game-account ID (User ID) under "payment reference", indicating the in-game account you wish your tickets to be delivered to, and the type of ticket package you are buying. This means that paying by bank transfer still allows you the opportunity to buy tickets for players other than yourself simply by putting their account ID in this place.

If you goto Premium in the game and click on the ticket package you want to buy in the Bank Transfer row (1 ticket, 3 tickets, 6 tickets, or 12 tickets), beside payment reference you will find your full User ID including the product code (the two numbers before your account ID). Players can find their account ID at the top of their in-game profile page.

The User ID: 10012-9ENAI = ID#-world(9)language(EN)game(AI) -> Found at the top of profile page.

HW = Holy War
TG = Tagoria

Product code:

99 = 1 ticket
98 = 3 tickets
97 = 6 tickets
96 = 12 tickets

Note: Larger package deals are also available. These are as follows:

100 tickets = 240€ (2.40€/ticket)
125 tickets = 300€ (2.40€/ticket)
200 tickets = 480€ (2.40€/ticket)
500 tickets = 1 100€ (2.20€/ticket)

In this case, your Payment Reference (see below) should read: 125x-10012-9ENAI This simply substitutes the ticket package for the product codes.

Payment Reference: 98-10012-9ENAI = deliver a package of 3 tickets to the W9 AI War Player Account ID 10012

-> If you would like to buy 12 tickets for yourself, and 3 tickets for a friend, write "96-your own ID# ,(comma) 98-your friend's ID#"
In this way you can buy all 15 tickets for separate accounts (separate worlds, or even separate GAS games) in a single bank transfer.

Bank Account Holder : GameArt Studio GmbH
Bank Acount Number : 525652400
Bank Identifier Code : 10040000
: Commerzbank

Amount :

Payment Reference :98-10012-9ENAI (this is the id for spastic the profi cow in HW, if you want to reimburse him)

For transfers from foreign countries
(Non-EU countries: you have to apply the respective exchange rate and pay the bank fees. Please calculate these into the funds when you make the transfer to ensure the corret amount reaches GAS' accounts and your tickets are delivered promptly)

IBAN : DE28100400000525652400