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25.03.2010, 20:52

The Psi Corps is recruiting

The Psi Corps is seeking 'ACTIVE', 'STRONG' players.
It has become appropriate to expand our influence in World 2.
Apply today, become part of a growing clan,
become part of The Psi Corps ELITE.

Clan recruitment policy

1. Upon receipt of application for membership, the executive officers will check the statistics of the applicant. Applications will generally only be accepted from level 7 upwards. Preference will be given to long term premier members (those who remain premium after the free trial period).

2. Level 6 players will only be accepted if the skills, equipment and statistics status is proportionally high and warrant acceptance.

3. All clan members are expected to provide a suggestion for their clan title. This should be forwarded to a member of the executive in a pm. The title will be considered and if acceptable, entered into the clan archive. If the title is not acceptable, the member will be informed and requested to supply an alternative. If the second suggestion is not acceptable a title will be chosen by the executive.

4. All clan members should include some reference appropriate to membership of The Psi Corps, within their character profile (Read "Clan profile" and the profiles of Bester & Daneel, this will give you an idea of the sort of thing required)

5. All clan members are expected to financially support the clan.

We look forward to receiving your application,
The Psi Corps wants YOU!

If you have any questions send PM to:
Bester (Clan Leader)
Daneel (Adjutant)

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