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Sunday, April 11th 2010, 4:33pm

Leveling in HW, TG, and AI

I just worked out how much xp/day I've gotten* in each of the three games:
  • 56903xp in 739 days of HW4, or 78.1xp/day.
  • 21447xp in 649 days of TG1, or 33.1xp/day.
  • 6346xp in 157 days of AI1, or 40.0xp/day.
Since they all have the same xp required for each level, this lets you work out what levels are equivalent in the three games. As a quick-and-dirty rule, level X in TG is equivalent to 110% of X in AI or 150% of X in HW. For example, level 40 in TG is level 44 in AI and level 60 in HW.

This also let me figure out how wages compare, say, 6 months in, instead of at a given level. In AIW, wages increase linearly with days played,** going up on average just under 5cr/hour each day. (It seems like this game is the first one where they figured out how to balance quadratic equations against each other, so in a lot of ways the game should play similarly at all level ranges, while the other two become a big mess once you get outside the range they playtested.)

All this stuff is easier to see than to explain, so I've added another tab on with a bunch of charts (and the data behind them).

The reasons why they're different are pretty obvious. Plunders are the big one (60, 26, and 37/day, respectively, but it's gone up recently in TG since pets). Battles are next biggest (you get 3-4x as many fights in an HW battle as TG or AI, and you get about 50% more xp per fight in HW and TG than AI, and battles are more common in HW and TG than AI, although the clan arena makes up for a little of that). And finally, xp hunting (it's cheap in HW, and until recently it was easy to find people above your level sitting around dead; meanwhile, AI gives 0 xp for losing to your own level, and fluke 2xp wins are much less common). Also, the arena was useful for a much larger share of HW and TG's history than AI's, and in HW it didn't even take 5 minutes.

* Given that I'm #1, #3, and #5 in those 3 worlds, most people obviously get significantly less. Given that I'm almost 2 full levels behind #1 here, a few people obviously get a lot more. But I'm guessing the ratios between the games are still pretty typical.

** Obviously it's a chunky curve, going flat for a few days (or, later, weeks) until you level and then jumping up all at once. But if you smooth it out across all the days within each level, the curve is flat.
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