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Thursday, October 29th 2009, 11:42am

Premium Status / Diamonds

7 Day Premium Status
When you register for AI Wars, you receive 7 days of Premium Status as a welcome gift. You have access to all the features so that you can see how much fun AI Wars is.
Premium offerings
You can redeem a premium for the following:
  • Premium Status for 30 days
  • Level x 100 Credits (or 1000 credits if you're under level 10)
  • 30 Diamonds
30-day Premium status offers the following advantages:
  • No ads!
  • 6 instead of 3 Mission points each day
  • 12 instead of 6 Action Points each day
  • 2 instead of 1 Team Mission Point each day
  • 2 instead of 1 Clan Arena Point each day
  • 5 instead of 15 minutes waiting time between fights
  • Redemption bonus of 250 Credits
  • Better opponent search function
  • Shoutbox and Clan Shoutbox
  • Upload a custom character avatar picture
  • Use of the note book
  • Found a Clan
  • Work for 12 hours at a time, instead of 8
  • Buy and sell multiple items at a time on the Market
  • Your enemy list will display when you can attack players again
Tickets for Credits
If you would rather receive Credits instead of the Premium benefits, you can also swap your tickets for Credits. Until level 10 you receive 1000 Credits for each Ticket. From level 11, you receive your level x 100 credits. Simply click on the appropriate button in your Ticket Overview, at the bottom of the Premium Menu.
There are also Diamonds. You can redeem a Ticket for 30 Diamonds, which you can use for the following:
  • Items that are particularly good for their level cost Diamonds as well as Credits
  • Very good upgrades for Items cost Diamonds as well as Credits
  • Mystique Marks can be purchased for Diamonds
  • Items that can accept multiple upgrades always cost Diamdson
  • Mercenaries can be recruited for Diamonds
  • Action Points can be purchased for Diamonds (expire after 24 hours)
  • Mission Points can be purchased for Diamonds (expire after 24 hours)
  • You can completely heal your character for Diamonds
  • Your Apartment contains things that you can activate for 30 days with Diamonds
    • 1. A safe that can protect some of your Credits from theft. The amount you can store is dependent on your level
    • 2. Power Rations that double your normal LP regeneration, regardless of where you are
  • Undertake comprehensive espionage during a Battle
  • Healing stations at a Battle
Please note: Diamonds cannot be plundered. If you are attacked, you will only Credits and not Diamonds.

Q1. Where do I get Diamonds?

Other than Premium Tickets, you can receive Diamonds as a reward from missions. Other than that, you can earn Diamonds as a mercenary.