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Thursday, October 29th 2009, 11:59am

Clans / Alliances / Mine Battles / Mercenary Registry


Q1. I'm looking to join a clan. What do I have to do?

Look through the Forum thoroughly and apply to a clan that appeals to you. Search for the clan under “Clan / Overview” and apply there (at top).

Q2. Why can't I get accepted into a clan or found a new one?

Joining a clan is only possible after level 6. Founding a clan likewise requires level 6, 1000 Credits and Premium Status (not Premium Start Account).

Q3. I left a clan, and now I can't rejoin the same clan.

I you leave a clan, you have to wait 30 days before you may rejoin that same clan.

Q4. I can't leave my clan. How come?

If you are registered to fight in a battle which your clan or an allied clan is leading then you can't leave your clan.


Q1. How can I found an Alliance?

A Clan Commander with Premium Status can found an alliance (cost for clan: 1000 Credits). That commander becomes the commander of the alliance. The alliance is activated if and when a second clan joins within 14 days of its founding (otherwise the alliance collapses with no refund). An alliance can include up to 5 clans. Clans belonging to the same alliance may not attack one another. Joining in an alliance battle is possible 24 hours after entering into the alliance.

Mine Battles

Q1. Mine Battle lost despite more victories. What's up with that?

Winning a battle is not decided by how many battles either side wins. The deciding factor is which side still has soldiers fit for battle at the end.

Q2. How does it actually all go down? Do the strongest always fight the weakest? Or is it random? And is there a fight simulator, or system of calculation for the fights?

First the mercenaries fight, who are, after all, paid to do just that. Then the volunteers, and lastly the clan members. Once everyone has been in a fight, stock is taken of just who is still fit for battle, and with them it starts over again from the beginning.

Q3. After a declaration of war, when does the battle begin, and what does it cost?

Battles begin 16 hours (from the next full clock hour) after the declaration of war. The fee for a declaration of war is 100 Credits.

Q4. Can you leave a battle somehow? How do you leave the army camp?

Once registered, you have to take part in the battle. If you don't go to the army camp, you'll be drawn in 5 min. before the battle begins. Otherwise you just hang out in the amp until the battle starts. But there you are safe from attack and your regeneration rate is accelerated.

Q5. How do I take part in a battle?

If you're a Commander / Adjutant, then you can declare war on the owner of a mine under Map or under Mission – Mines. Or, you can offer your services as a mercenary on the Mercenary Registry and have your services enlisted. Clan and alliance members can register to fight in battles.

Q6. I'm on a Team Mission and registered to fight a battle that takes place within the same time frame.

When a Team Leader has to join a battle, his team is dissolved, the team members have to look for a new team, and the Team Leader loses a Team Point.
If a team member has to join a battle, then they are no longer available to the team. So, pay attention not to join a battle and go on a Team Mission at the same time.
P.S.: For the 20 minutes before a battle (A.I. Battle or Tournament) for which you are registered, you cannot start any Solo Missions or Reconnaissance Missions.

Q7. I registered, then went up a level, but now my old level is displayed in the army camp.

As soon as a player registers for a battle, the Values at the time of registration are displayed in the army camp. That relates to the level, and to the player levels from which the average level of all players is calculated. However, players fight in the battle itself with their new, actual level. There is no disadvantage. The army camp display is so arranged, just so the battle runs more smoothly and the system isn't burdened with elaborate procedures.

Q8. How does the Field Hospital work?

For each Mine Battle, the leadership of each clan may here choose to activate the Field Hospital. It can be enabled for individual clan members, mercenaries or alliance members (16 diamonds for each), or as a package deal for all participating groups (45 diamonds). The Field Hospital is then activated for the respective participant in that battle. After the battle, players will find themselves relocated automatically to the Field Hospital for 30 minutes, wherein they will regenerate to 100% LP. You may also leave the Field Hospital before the end of the 30 minutes.

Q9. How come I only have eight hours to prepare for a Mine Battle as the attacker, and the defenders have almost twice as long?

If you schedule a battle for a mine as a Clan Commander, the battle starts 16 hours later (from the next full clock hour). Als the attacker you have 8 hours time to mobilise your clan members and your alliance, as well as to enlist the help of any mercenaries. You must conclude all your preparation within these 8 hours.

The defending party has up to half an hour before the beginning of the battle to position its troops. Through espionage, it can analyse the attacking army, and position itself accordingly. The reason for this apparent preferential treatment of the defenders can be quickly explained:

If they were NOT able to do this, and were in possession of several mines, the attackers could attack several mines AT THE SAME TIME. If in doing so, they approached merely one mine with their cumulative forces, and used the others merely to orchestrate decoy manoeuvres, the defender would have to divide its troops evenly between all the mines, and ever attack would end in the certain loss of at least one mine on the part of the defender. This, obviously, can not be permitted to take place.

Were the defender's window of opportunity to be narrowed, from, say, the current 8 hours to just one, then the attacker would be able to force the entirety of the defending party's players to stay up till unholy hours by scheduling the battle start time in the middle of the night. It is obvious that this would provide the attackers with a disproportionate advantage. Therefore, the defenders need not fear for their right to a good night's sleep, even if the battle begins at 5:00 am.

Q10. My Drone still has 100% condition after a Battle! It took Hit-Point damage, though, what's going on?
If you have a drone, it is restored to the condition it was in before the Battle, negating any damage, even if it takes Hit Points.

Mercenary Registry

Q1. What does the Mercenary Registry do for me?

If you think you belong to the best of the best, here you can offer your services for hire, and be enlisted to fight in the various Clan Battles. But mind that you enter the battles with at least 95% of your maximum Life Energy if you want to get paid, otherwise you'll be going home empty handed. Mercenaries are hired for a battle by either the Clan Commander or the Clan Adjutant.

Q2. How can I offer my services as a mercenary?

In the Menu to the left click on Battle, then Mercenary Register. Here you can now click on “Enroll as a Mercenary” and so make yourself available as a mercenary. Specify your price, but mind the wage limits within which you are permitted to make your demands. The limits are dependent upon your level. Optionally, you may add a password. Take care that as soon as you click “send” you will be listed on the Registry, and Commanders and Adjutants may enlist your services if you're not password protected. If you do have a password, you must send it to the Clan Leader of the clan you want to fight for.

Q3. What are mercenaries?

Mercenaries are players who offer their services as fighters to other clans in return for pay. Mercenaries may only be recruited by Commanders and Adjutants. A mercenary sets their own price, and the clans then decided whether they are interested or not.

Tips for Mercenaries:
  1. Only join a battle with full LP, it raises your chances of victory. You will only get paid once you've faithfully completed your duty, and if you enter the battle with at least 95% LP.
  2. To quickly gain Experience Points, work as a mercenary.
  3. Join a clan which supports you and helps you to grow.