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Thursday, October 29th 2009, 12:17pm

Market / Shop / Workplace / Medical Center


Q1. Where can I acquire items?
There are five possibilities to buy or sell items. You can buy items at the Shop, in the Mystique Shop (Mystique Items), at the Medical Center (medicine), at the Market or in the Drone Shop (Drone items).

Q2. What's the difference between the Shop and the Market?
At the Shop and the Medical Center, all items have a set price. When you buy items here, you need to remember that you can only buy items that are your level or lower (as a level 10 player, you cannot buy a level 12 item). Other than that, you only receive 50% of the retail price when you sell an item at the Shop or the Medical Center.
At the Market, you can buy and sell items through a merchant. The items can vary in price and quality. Each seller can set his or her own price and the merchant will charge a 10% “handling fee”. Medicine can only be sold at 88% to 98% of the retail price at the Medical Center. For all other items, a maximum and minimum price is calculated, depending on item condition and the number of repairs remaining. You can buy anything that is on offer on the Market, regardless of level. You only need enough Credits or Diamonds.

Q3. So what's this about the level of a weapon?
When you're at the Shop, you can only see items that are your level or lower. The higher level you are, the more items you see. When are you using a weapon that is higher level than you, it reduces your skills. The difference between you level and the level of the weapon is removed from the properties that the weapon improves. This means that you cannot properly use a weapon that is higher level than you.

Q4. I've bought some Levarex Pills. How can I use them now?
Click on Character and then Inventory. You can see all the items you have and take medicine.
Watch out: If you take medicine that heals for a greater amount than you are damaged, you're wasting the effects.

Q5. I put something up for sale on the Market. A day later, it's vanished from the market and wasn't sold!
Look in your inventory. Offers are active on the Market for 24 hours. After that, they are automatically removed.

Q6. Does equipment keep upgrades when it's being sold on the Market?
No. When an item is placed on the Market, it loses all its upgrades.

Q7. I can't see anything at the Market. I only see “Loading” and nothing comes up.
You Browser is having problems with JavaScript. You need to either activate it or use the most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Q8. I have an item, but I can't put it on the Market. Why?
It could be that your item's condition is less than 450 or there's fewer than three possible repairs left. Such items cannot be sold any more. Mystique Items can never be sold.

Q9. When should I repair an item, at the latest?
In order to maximise the life of an item, we recommend that you repair an item before the condition drops to less than 20 points (20/500 or 20/600 for Mystique Items).

Q10. My Drone is on the Market, but still helping me out in fights.
You can still use a Drone when it's on offer at the Market.


Q1. What does the workplace provide?
If you have less than 25 life points and still want to do something, you can earn money here. The higher your level, the more money you earn.
Please note: Premium players can work for 12 hours at a time, while non-Premium players can only work for 8 hours at a time.

Q2. I didn't get paid!
Go to work and then leave the Station. Now return to the Workplace and make sure that you are working for the correct number of hours and the counter is really running.
Please note: If you are working and have a battle scheduled for the same time, you will leave work and take part in the battle. For each full hour that you worked before the battle, you will be paid your wage before the battle.

Market assistant
Premium players can use the Market assistant.

You can use the Market assistant to buy medicine on the Market. You can set what sort of medicine you want to buy and how much you want to pay in total. The Market assistant will buy as much medicine for you as it can. It will start with the cheapest medicine. If you select “All”, then it will start by buying the cheapest medicine in the biggest category. When it has acquired all medicine on offer and there is still money left over, it will move on to the next smallest category.

Medical Center

Q1. Hang on, why do I need to pay to get rid of an implant?
Unlike equipment, implants require delicate surgery to be removed. As a result, you have to pay the surgeon to remove it. Reusing an implant is very unhygienic, so you cannot sell it second-hand.