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29.10.2009, 12:20

Playing from the same IP Address

If you are sitting an account, or if you are room-mates, family members, office colleagues, etc., and are playing Holy War from the same computer or from a network with the same IP, there are special rules that you have to follow to ensure that you receive no extra advantages, so that none of your actions can be interpreted as farming:

  • You have to inform the support with which accounts you will share an internet connection.
  • Please do not attack the other account (this includes Arena Fights - except in Tournaments where it is beyond your control).
  • Please do not trade with the other account.
  • Please do not join the same Order as the other account. (We are lenient to family members that are already in a Order together. However, family members are not permitted to form an Order together after the date of this post (Jan. 29th, 2009), and will be in all cases viewed as suspicious. Orders that consist of family members are open to constant investigation by the Holy War Support Team).
  • Please post the names of those you share an ip address with in all your profiles, and why (not for us to know since we don't check that before deleting, but for other players to know). Please be honest about your situation with other players.

If you want to find out if you are playing from the same IP address, you could look it up under or, or ask your network administrator.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to share your password, or access another player's account under any circumstances. To so is considered account sharing.

We reserve the right to delete any account at our discretion if we suspect it of breaking the rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.

GameArt Studio Team