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Sayın ziyaretçi, A.I. War sitesine hoş geldiniz. Eğer buraya ilk ziyaretiniz ise lütfen yardım bölümünü okuyunuz. Böylece bu sitenin nasıl çalıştığı konusunda ayrıntılı bilgilere ulaşabilirsiniz. Eğer sitenin tüm olanaklarından faydalanmak istiyorsanız, kayıt yaptırmayı düşünmelisiniz. Bunun için kayıt formunu kullanabilir ya da bu bağlantıya giderek kayıt işlemi hakkında daha fazla bilgi alabilirsiniz. Eğer önceden kayıt yaptırdıysanız buradan giriş yapabilirsiniz.


Monday, October 10th 2011, 10:49am

A.I. Major Offensive

To all survivors!

We have succeeded in intercepting and decoding a communication from A.I. Apparently, over the last months, A.I. has been busy constructing secret warehouses for its war machines across the whole damned planet and soon plans to launch a major offensive on our outposts. As far as we can tell from the intercepted data, we are expecting between 13 and 15 additional attacks. I say „additional“ because the attacks that take place every third Sunday will continue unaffected by this new attack plan.

Time to gear up and get ready!

Commander Taye

On 12.10.2011, A.I.War will be celebrating its birthday and the ongoing shoutbox promotion is only the tip of the iceberg. Apart from the additional A.I. battles, we are also launching a 3-day ticket promotion!

So, when you redeem tickets between 12.10.2011 at 01:00 a.m. and 15.10.2011 at 01:00 a.m. (server times), you will receive the following extras:

1.) 6 instead of 3 diamonds with every ticket that you redeem for Premium status.
2.) Twice as many credits as normal for every ticket which is redeemed for credits.

Important information about the Birthday Ticket Promotion:

- The Birthday Ticket Promotion affects all Premium Tickets that are REDEEMED during the promotional period. If Tickets bought during this time are redeemed AFTER 01:00 (Server time) on the 15.10.2011, they are not eligible for the promotional bonus!

- This promotion also applies to existing unredeemed tickets which you may have bought before the promotion, as long as they are redeemed during the running time of the Birthday Ticket Promotion.

- We will not honour the promotion for any tickets redeemed after the expiry of the Birthday Ticket Promotion. If a Ticket is not successfully redeemed before 01:00 (Server time) on 15.10.2011, we cannot apply the promotion later. Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of the promotion as quickly as possible to take full advantage of it.

Have fun on Midor!

Your Support Team