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Tuesday, February 7th 2012, 10:20am

Updated Game Rules

Game Rules

We would like create a gaming environment in which all players can play comfortably and fairly.
We have composed a list of actions which go against the upkeep of this environment, and will result in a punishment from the Support Team.

Definition of Harrassment

These definitions are valid for all domains and communication platforms within the game, and forbid any and all comments and exchanges which are perceived to be offensive or inappropriate by other players.

Definition of Exploitation

It is unacceptable for any player to gain an advantage over other players through unfair means. Alongside account penalisation, we reserve the right to reverse any gained advantages retroactively.

Account Penalisation

Unfortunately, in some cases, rules can only be enforced through the imposing of appropriate sanctions in response to breaches. Great importance is attached to our system of penalisation being equitably and comprehensibly formulated. Here, the consequences attached to violations of the rules can be ascertained.


Our definitions of harrassment are valid for all methods of communication across the game. These include, but are not limited to:

- The shoutbox
- Player, Clan and alliance profiles including avatars
- The message system
- Names and titles of Clans
- Player and Drone names
- The forum

All domains are monitored by GameArt Studio support to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable game environment in which all players can feel comfortable.
Our gamemasters and moderators remain authorised at all times to intervene in any instance of a breach in game rules. Their instructions are, naturally, to be obeyed.

We have made an effort to include every form of improper conduct in our list. Naturally, it is nevertheless possible that there are forms of misconduct which have escaped our consideration and are not present in the list at hand. Judgement in such cases is reserved for our Support Team.

Obscene / Vulgar / Sexual

All comments, text, names or avatars which directly or indirectly
- make reference to violent or sexual actions
- allude inappropriately to human anatomy or bodily functions.

Racism / Nationalism

All comments, text, names or avatars which directly or indirectly
- are racist or ethnically discriminatory
- offend or disparage other nationalities or draw upon nationalistc symbols.


All comments, text, names or avatars which directly or indirectly
- insult or disparage religions, religious views, figures, or symbols.

Illegal Activities / Drugs

All comments, text, names or avatars which directly or indirectly
- depict or invoke illegal activities
- call for or encourage the consumption of illegal substances or activities associated therewith.


All comments, text, names or avatars which directly or indirectly
- deliberately broadcasts false information, which can put the player in question at an advantage, or disadvantage other players and/or the Support Team.

Misuse of the Support System

This includes, among other things
- deliberately falsifying information about moderators or employees of GameArt Studio GmbH.
- Harassment of the moderators and/or Support Team through offensive comments or excessive questioning after already having received an answer.
- claiming to be a personal acquaintance of an employee of GameArt Studio GmbH
- falsely claiming to be a member of the moderator team.

Spam / Advertisement

- repeatedly posting material of the same or a similar nature
- incomprehensible expressions (incl. extreme dialects, foreign languages, absolute nonsense)
- direct or indirect advertisement (e.g. commercial advertising, accounts for sale)
- links which have not been specifically cleared with the Support Team (a list of these can be found in the forum)

Insults / Defamation / Improper Forms of Expression

All comments, text, names or avatars which directly or indirectly
- insult or defame another player or group of people,
- circulate or make public personal details or photographs of another player,
- are susceptible to being perceived as indecent or provocative.

Shoutbox Rules

In addition to the normal definitions of conduct, the following rules apply to the shoutbox:

- Clan recruitment, and mercenary offers are permitted to be made only every 15 minutes.
- Clan recruitment posts may only be made in the shoutbox by the respective leader.
- in the Shoutbox of any given world, only the language of that world may be used.
- Any discussion which leads to or enables a breach of the game rules is strictly forbidden.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Sale of accounts.
Description of bugs or forms of game exploitation.
Mention of farm accounts or distribution of parting gifts.
Publication of game-related data (fight reports, skill values, etc.) involving or of other players is prohibited.

Offences in the shoutbox will, as a rule, be penalised with shoutbox warnings or bans. These bans apply to the shoutboxes of all languages available to that account. Extreme and/or repeat violations may lead to account warnings and account bans.

Exploitation of Game Rules

Exploitation is understood as any action which does not conform to or is not consistent with the purpose of the game-mechanics and provides an unfair advantage to one or more players or burdens other players.
The following actions are deemed exploitative. We reserve the right to deem further actions, not listed here, as exploitative should they arise:

Account Sharing

Under no circumstances is the sharing or distribution of your password to other players permitted. For players who are unable to login for a period of time, we have provided a sitter feature, through which an other player may play the account for a restricted period of time.

Circumvention of Game Mechanics

Distribution of credits: players are not permitted to distribute credits to other players in the game. Any attempt to bypass this rule (for example by deliberately allowing oneself to be defeated in a player vs. player fight), is perceived as circumvention of the game mechanics.

Dummy accounts: an account must always be played for its own personal gain. Accounts which are primarily used for the benefit of another will be either blocked or deleted.

Exploitation of bugs and game errors is forbidden.
Any automation of game processes (for example, through the use of bot programmes) is strictly forbidden.


Each player is only allowed one account in each world. If several players play A.I. War from the same IP address, then Support should be notified in advance. Tip: in merged worlds, every single world is considered individually. Accounts that are played from the same IP may not attack each other or trade with each other.

System of Penalisation

Rules are essential to ensure, as far as is possible, a pleasant game experience for all players.
In order to enforce compliance with the rules, it is unfortunately incumbant upon us to apply a system of punishment and penalisation that is capable of disciplining those who violate the rules, and in extreme cases to exclude those players from further game play.

We employ a graduating pyramidal system. Several minor infractions accumulate and compound, leading to increasingly severe penalties. Some infractions may, however, lead directly to more severe punishment.

Our system uses 4 different forms of penalisation:

Penalisation of Account: Affects entire account as a whole. An account ban locks a player, either temporarily or permanently, out of their account, excluding them from game play.

Shoutbox Penalisation: Affects only the shoutbox. Players under a shoutbox ban may continue to play the game normally; however, they cannot see or write in the shoutbox.

Profile Block: Affects profile only. Players under a profile block may continue to play the game normally; however, they cannot edit their profile during this period.

Private Message Lock: Affects the sending of private messages (missives). Players under a private message lock may continue to play the game normally; however, they cannot send messages to other players. Our support team remains nevertheless accessible during this time.

The penalty will generally be imposed on the domain in which the breach of rules has occurred. Extreme or reapeat offences in the shoutbox or profile can certainly also lead to warnings against, or penalisation of, one's account, however.

Depending on the seriousness of the of the infraction, our support team is at liberty to impose penalisations of varying severity.


A warning in itself does not carry a penalty with it and does not lead to any restrictions on game play being imposed.
It is more a form of instructional notification about the rules, and serves to document players' conduct and make it traceabe over time. Previously issued warnings, in the case of further rule violations, will, however, be taken into account when deciding on an appropriate penalty. It is thus advisable to take quite seriously any warnings one receives, and to avoid any future infractions against the game rules.

Temporary Bans

In cases of especially serious rule violations or repeated defiance of warnings and disregard for the rules, our support team is entitled impose temporary bans. Depending upon the severity of the infraction, the ban may last anywhere from 12 hours to 7 days. During this time, the game feature affected by the ban remains unavailable to the user.

Permanent Bans

-A permanent ban is the most severe penalty, and is therefore only used in the most extreme cases where a rule has been breached, or when, despite several instances of penalisation, a player proves to be incorrigible.
-Permanent bans lead to a lasting deactivation of the banned feature.
-Permanent bans will not be lifted again.

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