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02.08.2013, 11:51

Server maintenance 5.8.2013

Dear players,

in preparation of the new credit world we need to run a server maintenance on Monday 5.8.2013. During the maintenance the servers will be not available. The maintenance will start at 6:00 servertime and will be finished at 8:00.
Please do not schedule battles during that timeframe. Scheduled battles will be deleted without refunding the declaration or mercenary expenses.

We will also apply an update that will bring great changes to the market: The auctions are removed and replaced by world specific markets. On the markets you can offer all items (except Mystique Items) for a fixed price.

You can also contact the seller to negotiate the price – if the seller allows such messages. You will be able to bargain with other players or give away your old items to clanmates and friends at a discounted price.

The veterans among you will remember: We are reactivating the old market again, like many of you voted for.

A detailed list of the changes will be available on Monday in our official forum.

To guarantee a clean update without problems we have to make sure that no offers or auctions are active during the maintenance. We will therefore close the market at 1:00 servertime on Sunday, 4.8.2013. You will not be able to buy or sell items after the market closes until it opens again after the maintenance.

Keep enjoying A.I. War!
Your A.I. War-Team