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6.08.2013, 17:54

Patchnotes 7.8.2013


Credit World


- There are no more diamond fees on the credit world. Diamond features are either paid with credits (the amount depends on your level) or removed completely (for example diamond bets or playing Pick-a-cup with diamonds).
- The credit fee for clan diamond features is calculated from the average level of the five most high level members of the clan.

Sitters gain access to the following features: Espionage of other players, cancel waiting times, activating the safe and the power rations, buying items at the vendor (except Mystique Items), buying small and big item upgrades.

- The safe can be activated for a specific amount of days, up to a maximum of 30 days. This also applies to the power rations and the drone pad.
- The daily deposit limit is removed
- Premium players can use the safe anytime, even when working or on missions.

All worlds

The credit world fights in the same tournaments as the other worlds. The bets are also shared between all worlds

A.I. Battle
The credit world fights in its own A.I. Battle and not together with other worlds.